Rules & Safety

SAFETY Guidelines


Bouncing on a trampoline is an inherently dangerous activity and can be categorized as an action or extreme sport. It is important for participants to follow set rules and safety guidelines, and to bounce within their own ability.

At Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park, we want all of our bouncers to have fun and be safe!

Staff members perform daily and weekly equipment and maintenance checks to ensure all equipment is functioning properly and that there are no rips, holes, or tears in the trampoline beds or padding.

Staff members also enforce strict adherence to our rules and reserve the right to remove guests from further bouncing in our facility if they are acting in a way that may endanger themselves or others.

IMPORTANT: A Waiver is required for all participants and spectators to access our park!! A PARENT or LEGAL Guardian MUST sign the Waiver for all Minors under the age of 18. Once the Waiver is signed by a PARENT or LEGAL Guardian, the minor may then arrive with someone else, such as a grandparent, friend, or other relative.


Participate At Your Own Risk.
Be Alert and Aware of Others.
If You Are Pregnant or Have Health Problems, DON’T BOUNCE!


●Bouncers should be wearing their wristbands in a place easily seen by monitors and should be on the court only during purchased time.
Wristbands are assigned according to time. When your bounce time is over, we will make an announcement on our sound system that the bounce time for your specific wristband color has come to an end.


●ALWAYS follow court monitor instructions at all times.

●ALWAYS bounce within ability level with an awareness of your surroundings.

●ALWAYS bounce with feet slightly apart.

●ALWAYS land on a trampoline with 2 feet.

●NEVER sit on the trampoline beds or pads.

●NEVER climb up angled trampoline beds or grab onto nets.

●NEVER run, rough-house, or play tag.

●NO belt buckles, keys, keychains, or sharp objects on apparel or in pockets. Empty pockets before bouncing.
(Cubbies and Lockers are available at the front. Locks are available for a $1 rental fee.)

●NO one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted to bounce.

●NO Shoes allowed on trampolines. Bounce socks required.
Shell We Bounce Trampoline Socks are required for all bouncers, per our manufacturer’s safety protocol–purchase once and bring them each time!
Our Shell We Bounce Trampoline Socks are specifically made for our Trampolines.

●NO gum chewing while on trampolines or in Kid Zone.

●NO food or drinks while on trampolines or in the Kid Zone.

●We recommend anyone wearing glasses to wear goggles over their glasses or go without glasses (if possible).

●One person per trampoline

●On larger trampolines, no two bouncers with disparate weight, including parents and their children unless a child needs special assistance.

● Please review specific rules for the different trampolines, play areas, and equipment!
This includes the Foam Pit, Slam Dunk, Main Court, Dodgeball Courts, and the Kid Zone.
Signs are located at each area and/or a Court Monitor will be stationed at each area to monitor and enforce rules.