1. Plastic shielding is installed on all registers and high contact points in the facility.
  2. An automatic Purell dispenser is within 25 feet from any location in our building.
  3. Our air bag is coated in an anti-viral additive that eliminates 99% of all viral load on the surface of the material. 
  4. The park has a 44 foot macro-air fan above it which turns the air of the entire park over once every 2 minutes.  We added a series of UV-C lights above the fan which hospitals use to disinfect the air.  So every two minutes all of the air get a dose of disinfection!
  5. We added fans on the main court and below the trampolines to make sure that air gets turned over even more rapidly for that area too.  This also helps in the drying process for the disinfecting spray.
  6. We will spray every surface in the facility on rotation once every two hours.  This will be done according to the manufacturers recommendations.
  7. Every evening we run an industrial Ozone machine which should kill any organic material like Covid-19.  Ozone has several hours to naturally return to oxygen before any staff or customers are back into the building.
  8. We power wash every surface of the trampolines and mats during a weekly deep cleaning.  This helps with removing chemical build up from our antiviral spraying and help to make sure the place looks as clean as it is.
  9. Guardians and/or members of the families that are not bouncing will be asked to wear PPE while they are in our facility. 
  10. As is always the case every customer will have to fill out a waiver indicating the name and age of every member of their party including those that are not bouncing.  This will be extremely useful and if there is an outbreak that can be traced back to a visit as the contact can be traced in an exacting manner.
  11. We have had the facility professionally cleaned with an Electrostatic sprayer by Clean Air DelMarVa.