Post #1: Adult Trampoline Fitness

What’s better than getting in shape? Having fun while you do it! Here at Shell We Bounce we do just that.

Fitness Instructor Suzanne Rose teaches an Adult Trampoline Fitness Class one afternoon per week. Suzanne, a former elite gymnast, certified group trainer, and personal trainer, says she has always loved teaching others about fitness and making an impact on their lives through exercise and movement. Together with Shell We Bounce owners Julie and Jim Derrick, Suzanne envisioned a way to have fun while exercising, and Adult Trampoline Fitness was born!

Suzanne says one of the benefits of a Trampoline Fitness Class is the lower impact. “Since we are not on a hard surface, it is gentler on your joints,” she says. “There is not a harsh pounding like there can be running on a treadmill or a street. That being said, being on an uneven surface will also make the class challenging since you need to use your core even more to balance.”

Participants will immediately feel young again when they start bouncing on a trampoline, Suzanne explains, so it makes exercise fun. The class can also be challenging, but participants can use modifications for any exercise to make the class as mild or as challenging as they desire.

“I have young 20-somethings and then I have women in their 60s,” Suzanne explains. “Whether it’s bouncing high or simply standing and moving on a trampoline, you will still feel the benefits.”

What can participants expect? Suzanne says the class starts with cardio, then moves on to a lower body workout, and finally to upper body. “You will sweat, laugh, and get a fantastic workout,” she says. “You will also burn about 400-800 calories, depending on your intensity.”

Suzanne’s advice to someone trying Trampoline Fitness for the first time is just to have fun with it. She acknowledges that you may feel a bit uncoordinated at first, but says it gets easier and easier each time you come. “You are going to get an incredible workout with incredible people, all while truly having fun!” Suzanne exclaims.

Participants who need childcare during the 45 minute class can bring their child with them, and pay an additional $6 for supervision in the Kid Zone.

Adult Trampoline Fitness is on break until Fall. Check back in early September 2019 for new days and times. Participants can drop in for one class at a rate of $20, or purchase a 5 pack of classes for $75 or a 10 pack for $115. Classes can be purchased in person, via phone, or online via the Shell We Bounce website.

Participants will need a completed Shell We Bounce waiver on file. Come a few minutes early to your first class if you need to sign the waiver, or sign it online before you arrive! Shell We Bounce socks are required for all participants. One pair of socks is included in the 5 or 10 packs of classes. Socks are $2 per pair and are reusable.

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