Frequently Asked Questions About Shell We Bounce



Who is allowed to play at Shell We Bounce?

Children 14 and under can play at Shell We Bounce. In our specified Toddler Zone, only children 5 and under can play. Adults not accompanying children for a birthday party or for free time play, are not welcomed into Shell We Bounce.

Do I need to sign a waiver for my child?

The Shell We Bounce Waiver must be signed for each child wishing to play at Shell We Bounce by their parent or LEGAL guardian. Children attending birthday party events must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. Parents can come into Shell We Bounce prior to the event and sign the waiver for their child.  Additional birthday party guests, such as family members and friends, must sign the Shell We Bounce waiver as well, per our safety policy. Children and adults are NOT allowed to come into Shell We Bounce without first signing our waiver.

If a friend or relative is bringing your child in to bounce, the waiver must be signed ahead of time by a parent or LEGAL guardian!


How long can I play?

Tickets are available for purchase for 1 hour of play, 2 hours of play and 3 hours of playtime. Additional hours of play are available for purchase. Please see the ticket prices on the PLAY link on our website.

We also offer Unlimited Bounce Passes! Purchase a Weekly or Monthly Bounce Pass, and come in anytime we're open and stay as long as you'd like during the duration of your pass!!

Is it safe for children under 2 to play on the inflatables?

Yes. This answer is up to the judgement of the child's parent or guardian.  We recommend trying the palm tree bounce house with a smaller climbing wall before attempting the tall climbing wall on the obstacle course.  Children vary in their developmental ability during their early years, so this is up to the discretion of the parent/ guardian.  There is a  Zoo Inflatable in the Toddler specified playing area that is geared for children 5 and under.  There is also a large traditional bounce house that small children enjoy. 

What times can I come in to play?

Walk-ins are welcome 7 days a week during our normal business hours. We open daily at 9:30am and are open until 6pm Sunday-Friday, and 8pm on Saturday.  Please see the Hours of Operation tab for information on weekly special events, such as Storytime Friday, Toddler Tuesday, or Parents' Night Out Babysitting on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, or the Special Events tab for more detailed information regarding these events.

Can adults play too?

Adults are not allowed to enter the inflatables unless they are assisting their own children.

If an adult must enter an inflatable to assist his or her own child, the adult must not bounce or slide with a child on his or her lap. Thank you!

We do offer Grown-Up Private Parties, during which we will close to the general public. If you are interested in having your office, holiday, or team-building party at Shell We Bounce, visit the Grown-Up Private Party link for more information, and call 302-727-5416 to book your party!

What should my child wear?

Socks must be worn on the inflatables. Shoes must be removed and can be stored in a cubbie in our locker rooms. Please remove all large jewelry, big belt buckles or clothes with extra zippers as it could damage the inflatable.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No outside food or drinks are permitted into Shell We Bounce. Drinks, ice cream and healthy snacks are for sale at the front desk. Birthday parties provide pizza and juice boxes for the children.

Is the play area supervised?

Yes, we have highly trained staff to help keep children as safe as possible while playing. Safety is of utmost importance at Shell We Bounce! Adults should always supervise the children they accompany into Shell We Bounce as well. During birthday parties or Parents' Night Out Babysitting, when parents are permitted to drop their children off, there will be additional staff on hand to help supervise!

May I drop off my child and leave?

No, parents must stay and supervise their children. Parents may only drop off their children for special events such as birthday parties and Parents' Night Out Babysitting. Parents must first sign the Shell We Bounce waiver, for their child to be able to enter Shell We Bounce. Parents hosting a birthday party are responsible for helping supervise their child and his or her guests. The birthday party coordinator will provide additional supervision for your party.

When is the new Trampoline Park opening?

The Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park will be opening in early August 2017! It is on Route 9 in Lewes, DE!

Keep an eye on the announcements tab of our website or our Facebook page for exact opening date!!