• $8.50 for 1 hour of play
  • $12.50 for 2 hours of play
  • $16.50 for 3 hours of play
    • Each additional hour of play once your ticket has been purchased is $6.00


Special Events:

  • Toddler Time Tuesdays! Children ages 5 and under are invited to play for the reduced admission of $10.50 for two hours of play.  This admission includes a snack for each child.  Toddler Tuesdays now runs ALL DAY!!   (Children 14 and under are still welcome to come bounce at regular price.)
  • Storytime Friday! Join us on the bean bags for a themed read aloud and craft at 10:30am. FREE cup of coffee for parents with purchase of 2 hours of bounce time at discounted rate of $10.50!
  • Parents' Night Out: Every Wednesday and Saturday Night from 5:00-8:00 pm. Cost is $35, siblings are $30. For ages 18 months through 14 years. Includes:
    • Grotto Pizza and chips
    • Unlimited bottled water 
    • 1 Ice cream cup
    • Unlimited Bouncing!
    • Group activities and/or crafts
  • Bounce Passes
    • One Week Unlimited Play: $22.00


  • A parent or LEGAL guardian must sign a waiver for all minors (under 18 years) wishing to enter Shell We Bounce. Additional adult guests must also sign the waiver to enter our facility. Only children 14 and under are allowed to bounce.
  • Parents/Guardians must accompany and supervise their children while at Shell We Bounce.  
  • Drop-offs are NOT allowed unless for a specified organized event such as a birthday party or Parents' Night Out.
  • Please remove your shoes before bouncing on the inflatables.  There are cubbies in the locker rooms to store your child’s shoes.  Socks must be worn while playing at Shell We Bounce! Socks are available for purchase at the front  desk.
  • Please remove all sharp objects or large jewelry before playing on the inflatables.
  • Bigger kids must be careful when bouncing near smaller children!
  • No wrestling, roughhousing, flips, or climbing on the sides of the inflatables.
  • No jumping at the top of the slides.  Feet first and arms down when sliding.
  • The Toddler Zone and the Zoo Inflatable in the Toddler Zone are only for children 5 years of age and under!   
  • Adults and children older than 14 years-old are not allowed on the inflatables!  You may only enter an inflatable if your child needs assistance.  Please do not slide down the slide with your child in your lap.
  • If anyone from the Shell We Bounce staff sees kids playing in a dangerous way, we will ask the child to stop and make our best effort to locate the parent/guardian to ask them help us control this behavior.  If we have to ask a child more than 3 times to stop a dangerous behavior, we may ask you to leave for the day.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed into Shell We Bounce.  All snacks and drinks purchased at Shell We Bounce must be consumed in the specified ‘Snack Shack’ eating area.  Please do not eat, drink or chew gum on the inflatables.
  • Please no sick kids! We work very hard to keep the inflatables clean.  Please help us minimize the spread of germs by not bringing your sick child to Shell We Bounce.  Kids observed to have a fever, nausea or show other outward signs of illness will be asked to leave for the day and come back 24 hours after symptoms cease.